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Importance of SEO

SEO is very important for any web site:

SEO gives highest quality traffic which converts well.

Once you reach on first page, SEO is your free source of obidient visitors.

Good ranking on search engines is part of reputation of your web site or company. So SEO is a good method of brand promotion.

In the long run, SEO may cut your advertising budget only to a fraction. Initial cost of SEO is a bit higher. After a few months when your pages are ranked well on search engines your cost of SEO and other advertising activities will come down significantly.

People trust a website most when they arrive to that website via a search engine. Because they belive only good quality websites free of spyware and scammers get ranked on search engines (and this is true!). When people reach a website from other sources like PPC ads or banner ads, they hesitate whether they can trust that website. This is the most important reason of doing SEO. For this reason conversion rate of traffic coming through the search engines is very high. So you must allocate a part of your advertising budget for SEO.

SEO Packages

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