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SEO Tips for Web Designers

SEO is very important consideration of web design.

If a web site's design is not SEO friendly then it's very difficult to get good position on search engines.

Every web designer should keep SEO points in mind when designing web pages.

SEO starts at the design phase not after the design is completed.

Following are few SEO tips for web designers:

1. Avoid using nested tables. Use CSS (cascading attraction sheets) instead to place your page elements.

2. Use ALT text for all images.

3. Use TITLE attribute for all <a> elements like <a href="URL" title="keyword rich text">Anchor text</a>

4. Use <H1> <H2> <H3> .. <H6> tags with keyword rich text

5. Make sure contents of each page is unique

6. Make sure to use separate page title for each page

7. Make sure that KEYWORDS & DESCRIPTION meta tags are unique for each page

8. Link important pages from other pages with valuable anchor text keywords

9. Put keyword rich original text content at the beginning of the page.

10. Reduce code to text ratio

11. If it is a website for local business then put full address and phone number on Contact Us or About Us page. This will help in local SEO.

12. Avoid unnecessary use of Javascript/AJAX code

13. Use keyword rich SEO friendly URL for each page

14. Prepare a sitemap and an XML sitemaps

15. Prepare a robots.txt file

16. Be careful while using iFrame or Frames. Contents of the frames will not be considered as part of the original page by search engines.

These important SEO tips should be followed by every web designers. These will help to get better position on SERP.


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