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On-site SEO Tips

The quality of the page contents and inter-connectivity of the pages are very important for getting better position on SERP. So we must put proper attention to optimize our target web site before we spend much time on off-site link building.

On-site SEO factors:

»The text on each page must be original and unique. Duplicate contents will hamper position on SERP.

»Use keyword rich page titles, title of each page should be unique.

»Use <H1>, <H2>, <H3> tags with proper keywords in text.

»Link your important pages from other pages of your web site with proper anchor text.

»Make sure that each page has enough text contents so that search bots can identify each page content as unique.
»Put relevant keyword rich text at the top of the pages.
»Each page should link back to home page.
»Page URLs should contain keywords.
»Avoid excessive outbound links, particularly "nofollow" outbound links are harmful for SEO.

SEO Packages

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